The three societies that are most involved in Child Disability (SOFOP, SFERHE and SOFAMEA) are very happy to welcome you to Saint Etienne on 12, 13 and 14 April 2023 for the “Disabilities and Movements Congress“.

Gathered under this banner for the first time, these three societies will share and teach for 3 days. From the youngest to the most experienced, we hope that the content of this event will enrich the professionals involved in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of children.

Assessments and treatment procedures evolve rapidly for medical and surgical specialties in the field of child disabilities. Attention to precision, technological adaptations, therapeutic advances and profound aspiration to improve the state of health of patients, help to advance doctors, therapists and engineers. It seemed important to sum up current knowledge. Pluridisciplinarity has become unavoidable and must not be limited to the microcosms of corporations. Progress is born of diversity, it is the motivation that led us to propose to bring together our 3 societies for this 2023 congress.

We are convinced that this event will stimulate debate and collaboration for the benefit of the patients.

  • Pr Bruno Dohin, Coordinator and President of SOFOP
  • Pr Elke Viehweger, President of SOFAMEA
  • Pr Carole Vuillerot, President of SFERHE