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MCO Congrès and Compliance

Today, the concept of Compliance (conformity of the interactions between Industry and Healthcare Professionals) refers to the respect of all the laws and applicable rules, as well as codes of conduct and the standards of “good practices”, that they are internal or external to an active company in a defined market.

There’s also an Ethical dimension in the notion of Compliance, consisted in social and moral values going beyond the strictly legal standards.

The organization of a scientific event (Congress) in the Medical field asks for a strong knowledge of rules and practices at European but also World level to be able to offer an event in compliance with rules and practices of good behaviour. 

The guideline of the compliance articulates on 4 axes:



The interaction between Industry and Heakthcare Professionals must not be ill-advisedly used to influence Healthacare professionals to use or recommend a product or a range of products.


The interaction between Industry and Healthcare Professionals must be transparent and conform to the National and Local Laws, Rules and professional Codes of Conduct.


When a Healthcare Professional is undertaken to exercise a performance for Industry, the poured remuneration must be reasonable and represent a just market value for the requested performance. 


For any interaction between Industry and Healthcare Professional, a writtten contract must be signed by both parties, explaining the object of this interaction, the requested performance, the financial coverages and methods of reimbursement of exepnses for a participation to a scientific event. 

MCO Congrès, as Professional Organizing Agency of Congress (PCO), plays the dominant role of council and vigilance actor regarding "Compliance".

For that purpose, MCO Congrès takes care for you of the study and the respect of the rules coming from : 

  •  A - France: National Council of Doctors, National Council of Pharmacists, National Council of Nurses, French Public Health Code (CSP), SNITEM and LEEM.
  • B - Europe: National Legislative texts, EUCOMED (Guidelines), COCIR (Code of Ethics), National Associations of Health Industry.
  • C – Rest of the world: National Legislative texts (when existing), ADVAMED (Guidelines).


Major axes of collaboration: 


Study of the constraints coming from the Legal Texts of the Country welcoming the event. 


Help for choosing the Venue : does the place suited to the target of the expected participants ? Easily accessible ? A famous destination ? respectful of the Public Morality ?


Watch for respecting the « reasonnable » cost, the implementation of a rate scale corresponding to the current Rules.  


Advise regarding hourly assembly editing of the scientific programme : Do the time slots of the programme are 100% scientific ?   Any free time slots there ? Duration of the breaks sufficient to allow the vivit of the exhibition hall ?...


A sharpened look on the conformity of official documents (registration forms, announces, ..)

With MCO congress, you have the right expertise and the respect of the compliance for the success of your event!

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