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Who is MCO?

Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) and our main mission is to support associations, scientific, commercial or professional societies with the organisation of their events, whether it is a one-shot congress or a reccuring conference, a general assembly or even the management of their association.

Our presence


The MCO Congrès agency has been created in 1989, in Marseille, by Marc Crousillat and Dario Mougel.

At the beginning, a team of 5 persons was in charge of all the events. Now, more than 25 employees are collaborating, each with its own fields of expertise.

Every year, we are organising more than 40 events, with an attendance of 50 to 6000 persons.
We can manage every kind of events:

  • Congresses & Conferences, 
  • Training seminars,
  • Postgraduate training, 
  • General assemblies, 
  • Training days,
  • Product launches,...


Our office in Lyon has been created in 2008 to keep up with growing demands in Lyon and its area.

We are organising many national and international conferences in Lyon, mostly scientific and medical.

Our local agency in Lyon has all the ressources to bring you all our expertise, but also our perfect knowledge of the city, its meeting centers, its hotels as well as all assets that could be helpful to your participants.

From local to global

Out of loyalty to Marseille and the Provence, our headquarters are localised in the south of France.

That doesn't prevent us from organising most of our events everywhere in France and abroad.

On the contrary, our company is closer to the Mediterranean Bassin.

It has been a few years since our activity brought us to manage events abroad:

  • Europe: Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg ; 
  • Mediterranean Bassin: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey ;
  • America: Brasil, Cuba, Jamaica, La Martinique, Mexico, Saint-Martin ;
  • and also: South Africa, Mauritius.


We also have been working as "Destination Manager" for international societies (AAEM, EuSEM, EANS, ...), managing all the local suppliers so their team can work efficiently and serenely.

Our fields of experience

For more than 15 years, MCO Congrès has been a privileged partner of the Emergency Medicine (EM) and Othopaedics fields, organising most of the main congresses in France.

We also have a strong presence in other fields: anaesthesia, genetics, aesthetics, traumatology, ...

If our main activities are linked with the scientific and medical societies, we also manage events for:

  • industry partners (pharmaceutical companies, ...),
  • real estate companies (FNAIM),
  • banks (Caisse d'Epargne, SMC),
  • sport associations (MCO, producer of the Beach-Volley World Championship steps in Marseille and Paris for more than 10 years ; regattas, ...).


Our team

Management Project Managers Administrative Assistants
- Dario MOUGEL

- Fabrice GUEZ (Commercial Direction)
- Sylvie FAUSTI (Administrative Direction)
- Céline BUREL
- Aurore DAVY
- Sylvie MARTEL
- Natalie RUXTON
- Claire BELLONE
- Audrey MARTIN
- Audrey SOULIER
Coordination & Logistics Accounting Design, Communication & Internet
- Julie FABER
- Nathalie PERRONE
Graphic Design
- Sophie DOUSSOT
- Perrine NEEL

Internet, New Technologies
- Olivier PUDDU
- Christophe SCHWOB  
Scientific & Association Communication Association Management
- Amandine CARON
- Marina VITA

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