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Websites design 

Conception, creation and management of your website

E-communication is an important tool that targets members of your scientific society or you company, your professionnal environment, but also institutions or a more general audience.

To communicate around your event, a website will allow you to announce the scientific programme, to manage registrations, to broadcast live presentations, to inform your members about everything dealing with the society, etc.

Our Internet Project Manager and our webmaster would closely work with you to design, create and manage your website.

Our team will have in charge:
  • creation of the website's graphic design
  • creation of a model and adaptation into an HTML format
  • buying the domaine name
  • hosting the website
  • creation of databases
  • management of the website's contents
  • integration of videos, audios, flash contents in the pages or in the databases
  • management of your e-shop, ...

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