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Abstracts management

Scientific committees of medical congresses often rely on their members or specialists to create their scientific programme.

10 years ago, abstract submission was mainly made through postal mail, or fax. Gradually, the online abstract submission has become a common feature on websites. 

Since then, MCO Congrès has been managing online submissions, linked with a complete online reviewing process by the scientific committee.

This feature is constantly upgraded to reach new expectancies.


Text Submissions

Currently, the abstract submission feature can be installed on the congress website as soon as MCO is designing it. But, if the congress website already exists, we can create a complete autonomous page on our server, dedicated to the congress.

In a few minutes, the abstract submission module can be adapted to your needs:

  • specific guidelines;
  • number of characters;
  • attachements (tables, pictures);
  • topics...

The submitter creates a submission account before being allowed to submit, edit, delete abstracts.


Text Reviewing

Each reviewer of the Scientific Committee can rate and comment its assigned texts.

Each reviewer can review one or several topics. Each topic can be rated by one or several reviewers.

The reveiwing module can be adapted to your needs: several notes, several kind of comments.


Reviewing Results

After the end of the reviewing process, the averages are automatically calculated.

Each note can be controled, modified or ignored by a super-reviewer. The scientific committee can also accept a text with a bad average, or turn down an abstract with good rates depending on the context.

As soon as all the abstracts have been accepted or turned down, the scientific committee can send a specific email to the submitters by a simple clic.


Data Export

In anticipation of abstract publishing, the whole list of the accepted abstracts, with their details (authors, key-words, topics, ...) can be exported in an Excel format. Each attachment is automatically renamed with the ID number of the text and all the attachments are exported in a distinct file.

These information can be forwarded to the editor.

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