Groupe MCO Congrès
Organisateur de congrès et d'événements, Gestion associative


Management of the Preview Room

During the event, our team is in charge of:

  • installing a LAN network between all the rooms and the preview room. The speakers will find a technician that will assist them but they can also upload, verify and confirm their presentation with a professional software that recognize each speaker with their badge;
  • installing audiovisual devices (computer, projector, microphones, additional lights and sound equipment, translation booth,...) in each room, based on the Organising committee's requests or on the Sponsor's need for its symposium.

Depening on the size of your event and your budget, 3 propositions are available:

  • basic configuration: installation of a "preview room" in an isolated area with a technician that will gather the presentations from the speakers. The technician will then copy the presentatation on the computer in the main room.
  • advanced configuration: installation of a LAN network between the rooms and the preview room. The presentation are transfered by technicians via this network to each room.
  • premium configuration: complete management of the presentations and scientific programme using a professional software allowing the speakers to verify and upload their presentations in an autonomous and intuitive way. Each presentation is automatically transfered to its assigned room.

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