In 2015, the AP-HM decided, following a call for tenders, to delegate this XIXth century Villa and entrust its management to the MCO Congrès Group, a company specializing in the organization of medical congresses, which will invest in a renovation of the site and in the development of a Center for the promotion of medicine and sciences. This innovative approach combines the transformation/enhancement of a public asset, the enhancement of the medical and scientific communities and the improvement of existing structures.

This unique and unprecedented dynamic represents a new development for the health sector, and particularly for the medical sector in Marseille. By becoming an International Conference Center, the Villa Gaby will become a tool of influence and development for the medical and scientific communities of Marseille. Thus, the spirit of the legacy will always preside over the destiny of this place.

The vocation of the Villa Gaby is to host symposia, congresses, executive seminars, boards and master-classes of scientific societies, strategic meetings of associations or companies, receptions and events serving the influence of the Metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence in Europe.

The rehabilitation of the Villa Gaby by MCO Congrès will provide the scientific and medical communities of Marseille with a unique venue of very high quality for the organization of their national or international events.

This is a major asset for the promotion of medicine and the medical-scientific sector in Marseille.