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MCO Congrès has been created in 1989. Our team has been growing ever since. Now 30 persons are working together to manage your meeting.

MCO team members confirm their motivation to accompany your Society and create such a reliable partnership that we could become your core- PCO for the forthcoming editions. A core-PCO is a Professional Congress Organiser contracted by an European or International Association to handle the main aspects of its recurring meetings wherever they are held.

MCO will provide all coordination tools and its know-how in order to maintain, or even improve all services linked to this Congress, enabling a regular up dating of all items.

MCO will promote the Congress among its network (industrials listings, major scientific events, websites, …) and will gather all logistic informations helping your Society to choose the best options, both in quality and financial terms. MCO will also ensure all administrative and secretary tasks within the organisation of the Congress. MCO will be the interface between all the actors of the event: the Society’s board and its Secretary Office, the Congress President, the venue, and all the suppliers.
Our headquarters in Marseille will also be conveniant for the organizers in Montpellier, since the 2 cities are really close.


Special Topic Conference d'EFMI-European Federation for Medical Informatics

Published : Wednesday, December 2, 2020


At MCO Congrès, our team has gathered approx. 80 international experts in digital health and medical informatics for the European Federation for Medical Informatic's Special Topic Conference on November 26 & 27.
This was their first virtual meeting, after the EFMI's annual congress (which was scheduled in April in Geneva) had been cancelled.

During the digital conference, various topics were discussed, such as telemedicine, health apps (in cardiology, psychiatry and pneumology), digitalization of emergency services and elderly care. Besides, a whole session was dedicated to COVID, of course.

Amongst the keynote speakers were Bernd Blobel and Jean-Pierre Hubaux. Discussions with the audience were lively, and numerous questions were answered by the presenters, who were connecting from Europe and beyond (USA, Canada, Israël, Iran, etc...)

EFMI's next annual congress will also be hosted as a virtual conference, from May 29-31, 2021, while all hope that the pandemic subsides and face-to-face meetings can be resumed.

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Newsletter Autumn 2020

Published : Monday, November 23, 2020

More and more congresses are fully or partially hosted online. According to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), 34% of medical associations even think that virtual events will supersede over face-to-face meetings. Half of associations consider hosting hybrid events and mingling real and virtual features: the meeting will be staged in a real venue with delegates while integrating a digital part online.

There is an undeniable advantage to virtual meetings, which make it much easier to gather groups of people focusing on specific topics, to attract a wider audience and to lower event-related costs.

Newsletter Autumn 2019

Published : Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Aix-Marseille is attracting more and more major events which strengthened its place in the leading trio of French cities in hosting International conferences: classified 41st in Europe and 77th in the World, in the ICCA 2018 ranking (International Congress and Convention Association). Our company, MCO Congrès, specialised in the organisation of medical conferences, has the pleasure to announce that it won several recent calls to bids, contributing to the economical development of Aix-Marseille Metropole:

  • World Conservation Congress, UICN, which will be held in Marseille from June 11 to 19, 2020.
  • 27th World Congress of the International Commission on Large Dams, from June 5 to 11, 2021.

Since its creation, nearly 30 years ago, MCO Congrès has been accompanying not only Scientific Societies and Professionnal Associations, but also any structure wishing to innovate, to take action and grow, whatever their field and historical background.

Hence, from 2020, MCO Congrès will be in charge of managing the European Foot and Ankle Society (EFAS), its annual congress and all its training events. MCO will also become the organisation team for all 14 laboratories of the ENSAM, one of France’s oldest and best engineering schools specializing in mechanical, industrial and energy engineering.

Take a look at several other events organised by MCO Congrès in France and abroad (more that 30% of our activities)  but also the Scientific Associations and Societies managed by our dedicated department, here at the Villa Gaby.

MCO Congrès is now the core PCO for all 14 ENSAM research laboratories

Published : Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Arts et Métiers – AMVALOR/ ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers) and congress & event organiser MCO Congrès signed a framework agreement regarding the global organisation of seminars, congresses and scientific events for all its national network.

AMVALOR is a subsidiary of ENSAM and its national network of 14 public research laboratories in Paris, Brest, Lille, Metz, Châlons-en-Champagne, Cluny, Chambéry, Aix en Provence, Bordeaux and Angers.

MCO Congrès will share its experience, services and tools with the organisers of all ENSAM events in a spirit of professionnalisation.

Launch of the special SoFCOT centenary website

Published : Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The MCO Congrès Group ad the pleasure to develop the SoFCOT Centenary Website launched this week. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Centenary Committee for its trust.

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