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MCO Congrès has been created in 1989. Our team has been growing ever since. Now 30 persons are working together to manage your meeting.

MCO team members confirm their motivation to accompany your Society and create such a reliable partnership that we could become your core- PCO for the forthcoming editions. A core-PCO is a Professional Congress Organiser contracted by an European or International Association to handle the main aspects of its recurring meetings wherever they are held.

MCO will provide all coordination tools and its know-how in order to maintain, or even improve all services linked to this Congress, enabling a regular up dating of all items.

MCO will promote the Congress among its network (industrials listings, major scientific events, websites, …) and will gather all logistic informations helping your Society to choose the best options, both in quality and financial terms. MCO will also ensure all administrative and secretary tasks within the organisation of the Congress. MCO will be the interface between all the actors of the event: the Society’s board and its Secretary Office, the Congress President, the venue, and all the suppliers.
Our headquarters in Marseille will also be conveniant for the organizers in Montpellier, since the 2 cities are really close.


Release Date : Monday, July 21, 2014


Release Date : Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Après plusieurs années de collaboration, la Société Française de Chirurgie Pédiatrique (SO.F.O.P), société « associée » de la SO.F.C.O.T., représentant la Communauté des Orthopédistes Pédiatriques, vient de reconduire MCO Congrès dans ses fonctions jusqu’en 2017.

Pour l’agence MCO Congrès, c'est un renforcement de son implication dans les disciplines chirurgicales.

MCO's Newletter - February 2014

Release Date : Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Read the MCO Congrès Newsletter - February 2014 [French]


  • Take a look back on 2013
  • 2014, a promising year 
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"Sunshine Act", the french way!

Release Date : Tuesday, December 3, 2013


"Sunshine Act: the french way!" : Campaign of transparency of Pharmaceutical Companies!
Everything you need to know of the new decrees centring the links between Healthcare Professionals and Pharmaceutical Industries.


>> Download our documentation on the Sunshine Act [French]

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