The scientific and technical community has been working for several decades on the problems associated with flood protection dykes, with a number of significant advances, as demonstrated by the measures taken to improve the reliability of existing structures and systems. From 27 to 29 March 2024 in Aix-en-Provence, with the support of the French ministry for ecological transition and territorial cohesion and the partnership of Cerema, CFBR and France Digues, INRAE will be organising a conference on the theme: Systems and structures for protection against flooding from maritime and river sources – State of play, progress, innovations and prospects.

More than 400 experts, engineers, researchers and design offices will be attending the conference to take stock of projects to reinforce or build structures, risk management and territorial resilience, diking systems and temporary water storage facilities, and the latest advances in geomechanics, civil engineering and hydraulics, in relation to river, torrential and maritime protection systems and structures.

Some fifteen exhibitors are associated with our event and will be actively contributing to the discussions during the conferences and breaks. It’s not too late to register! (official congress language: French)