MCO Congrès, a French PCO agency specializing in the organization of scientific and medical congresses since 1990, is proud to announce that it has won the European tender launched by EUSEM to select its PCO for the coming years of development.

The EUSEM (European Society for Emergency Medicine) organizes an annual congress for emergency medicine professionals, attracting over 3,000 specialists from all over the world. It’s a federating event that fosters exchanges and feedback on emergency management, emergency care and preventive actions. Over 3 days each year, the congress organizes conferences, round-table discussions, practical workshops on all areas of emergency medicine, simulation sessions and hands-on training in emergency medicine. It’s also a showcase for the latest medicines, technologies and materials available to emergency physicians, doctors and nursing staff from all over the world.

MCO Congrès has already been supporting EUSEM for several years, and is preparing EUSEM Copenhagen 2024 next October. EUSEM is therefore proposing a new development cycle.

The latest health crisis and the COVID Pandemic have highlighted the importance of Emergency Medicine in times of major crisis in all European countries. On a day-to-day basis, Emergency Medicine is evolving in Europe as the outpost of the hospital and the first port of call for medical emergencies and unscheduled care. In 2023, the Dutch Society for Emergency Medicine (NVSHA) received confirmation from the Ministry of Health that Emergency Medicine was officially recognized as a “main specialty” in the Netherlands.

France has also recognized this primordial dimension of Emergency Medicine by appointing François Braun (Head of the Metz Emergency Department, President of SAMU – Urgences de France from 2014 to 2022, the leading union of emergency physicians in France) Minister of Health and Prevention in the Elisabeth Borne government in 2022 – 2023.

MCO Congrès already organizes several Emergency Medicine congresses in France, including the Congrès Francophone de Médecine d’Urgence since 1997 (“Urgences Le congrès” for SFMU & Samu-Urgences de France), bringing together 3500 to 4000 emergency physicians annually.

The SFMU and Samu-Urgences de France have also confirmed their confidence in us by renewing our agency MCO Congrès for the next three years until 2026/2027.

The European Society of Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine (ESRA), following the success of the 6th World Congress on Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine (over 3200 participants – Paris September 2023), has also confirmed the organization of its next 3 European congresses: ESRA Prague 2024, ESRA Oslo 2025 and ESRA Lisbon 2026.

Our MCO Congrès agency is thus confirmed as a leading European agency in key scientific & medical fields (Neurosurgery (SFNC, ESSFN, WSSFN, ISRS), Intensive Care Anaesthesia (ESRA), Emergency Medicine (SFMU-SAMU, EUSEM), surgical disciplines in Orthopedics (SFA, EFAS, SOFOP, AFCP, SFCM…), Human and Medical Genetics Conferences (FFGH, Humain Brain Europe…)…

All these contract renewals are for us a real recognition of the quality of the work we do for our customers. More than 30 expert employees are rewarded for their investment in time and skills.

MCO Congrès has been bringing its experience of major international congresses to bear since 1990, and has also developed a comprehensive range of consultancy and services to meet the growth strategies of major international learned societies.

Our “Management of Scientific Societies” department manages some fifteen national and European associations on a daily basis. Our headquarters at the Villa Gaby in Marseille, a property belonging to the AP-HM, is designed as a Villa Medici for Medicine and Science, dedicated to scientific promotion.